Meet the Artist

Vladimir Kalugin

My name is Vladimir Kalugin. I am a photographer and filmmaker from Chicago, IL. Originally born in Minsk, Belarus my family and I, immigrated to U.S. in the 90's.  

My love for photography started at an early age observing my father develop photo prints in our tiny Soviet Union bathroom apartment. A room almost completely dark except for the red light, different color trays for soaking in the photographic paper and laundry line with wooden clothespins attached awaiting developed film, which would soon be a timeline of photos. Full of excitement every time, I patiently waited to see what my dad saw through the lens. I didn’t know then, but I was learning composition subconsciously. When all the photos were finally up on the string attached by pins, my imagination took over and photos became a story, a film.

Moments I will cherish for the rest of my life and will always dedicate all my work to my talented dad.

I love telling stories by showing the audience the important elements in the frame. How they are positioned, arranged, focused, lit or any other creative way I can tell a better story and spark the audience imagination of how it feels to be there or perhaps what message this image is trying to convey to the viewer. To me every picture is a scene, a small little movie and I want to tell you a story about it.

All photographs have a story behind it.